is just getting started.

We believe in small significant beginnings.

Friendzy started with one mom’s hopes and dreams for the next generation.

Dana Crocker's heart broke as she watched her children enter elementary school; they continually faced friendship challenges that seemed hopeless. The friendship trauma was the same relational breakdowns she faced as a child. And honestly, the battle with social isolation, loneliness, insecurity, jealousy, girl-drama and conflict was real in her adult friendships as well.

Determined to raise her children with the relational truths needed to navigate friendship, Dana began to wonder what it would take to create a safe and fun place for kids to learn about friendship the way it was designed to be. She rallied with her friend, Julie Widman, and created a hope-filled and fun solution to the problem. JOI Friendzy was born!

What began as a small inkling grew into a city movement.

Dana dreamt of a living room full of girls gathering to learn about what it looks like to be a good friend. When she opened her home, it filled so quickly that they soon outgrew the space! The living room turned into a gymnasium and a handful of girls turned into a crew of girls.

This spark of interest proved that there was a great need for equipping a generation of girls how to be really good friends. Dana and Julie invited the surrounding community and the Friendzy began in 2014.

Girls 3rd-5th grade gathered to learn God’s design for friendship. Teaching friendship foundations like Life is Better Together, Friends Forgive, and I Get to Be Me, You Get to Be You, began to influence and impact the community. Today the JOI Friendzy Citywide gathering teaches these friendship truths to over a hundred girls in the Portland-Metro area.

It's time to share Friendzy with communities beyond Portland, Oregon.

Over the past five years, we have learned and grown through teaching and refining this curriculum. The innovative vision that started with Dana and Julie has grown immensely since its small, living room beginnings. What started as a humble, grass roots desire to equip their own community, has blossomed into relatable and relevant means to significantly transform communities across the country.

JOI Friendzy Curriculum is now available in two forms: Friendzy for Faith and Friendzy for All. Each volume includes a leader guide and a corresponding student workbook. We believe that this curriculum will influence and impact the next generation by creating vibrant healthy communities.

When kids learn friendship, they learn it for life!