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Proactively teaching a generation of kids God's design for friendship. 


THE GOAL of the JOI Friendzy for Faith is to teach God’s design for friendship. Grounded in biblical truth, this program addresses the various challenges that Kindergarten - 8th grade students face in their peer-to-peer relationships.


JOI Friendzy for Faith SEL Curriculum has an emphasis on building a healthy school culture that creates a safe environment for learning. Our curriculum is a collaborative effort of teachers, administrators, educational psychologists, counselors, pastors, and other caring adults.

This curriculum can be taught in many settings, from faith-based schools, to churches, and small groups. Many school integrate Friendzy for Faith one day a week as part of Bible curriculum. It's an engaging way to unpack and apply Biblical truths that can be lived out in the classroom and on the playground.

JOI Friendzy for Faith equips kids to be really good friends for a lifetime.

SAMPLE LESSON | JOI Friendzy For Faith | Volume No. 1

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