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The K-8 years provide an opportunity to proactively equip kids to be really good friends AND have really good friends.

THE GOAL of the JOI Friendzy for All is to teach kids the foundations for healthy, vibrant friendships. This program addresses the various challenges that Kindergarten - 8th grade students face in their peer-to-peer relationships.


The JOI Friendzy for All SEL Curriculum is designed for independent non-sectarian and public schools teaching the next generation the importance of treating others with kindness, respect and compassion by equipping them with the essential tools needed to build successful relationships, communities and cultures.

Our curriculum is a collaborative effort of teachers, administrators, educational psychologists, counselors, and other caring adults.

We can't think of anything more timely or important. JOI Friendzy for All exists to teach the leaders of tomorrow what it means to lead and love well.

SAMPLE LESSON | JOI Friendzy For All | Volume No. 1

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