It's all about friendship.

JOI Friendzy is a friendship curriculum designed for schools.

Joy of It Friendzy is a proven solution to tackle the friendship challenges every child faces. Our school-wide SEL curriculum offers engaging instruction for teaching elementary and middle school aged students what it means to not only have good friendships, but to be REAL. GOOD. FRIENDS.

JOI Friendzy for All is designed for independent non-sectarian and public schools teaching students K-8th grade.

JOI Friendzy for Faith is Biblically based curriculum for faith-based schools teaching students K-8th grade.



We, like you, recognize the significance of providing social and emotional learning (SEL) to students as it directly correlates to success and happiness later in life. Research shows SEL benefits students, including better academic performance, improved attitudes, behaviors and relationships with peers, as well as deeper connection to school, fewer delinquent acts and reduced emotional distress (student depression, anxiety, stress and social withdrawal).


Joy of It Friendzy equips and teaches kids to be really good friends, creating a lasting impact on the next generation. Friendzy curriculum is designed to change school culture by offering vital social and emotional learning lessons to proactively address aggressive behavior, reduce stress, equip with healthy relationship skills, and improve focus and academic performance, which will increase resiliency for success in school and in life.



Friendzy can be executed as social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum during class, at lunch breaks or as an after-school program. The teaching content is structured and flexible, intended for weekly classroom integration. Our curriculum is a collaborative effort of teachers, administrators, educational psychologists, counselors, and other caring adults.

Each of the eight units are anchored to a key catchphrase focus and include discussion questions, games, crafts, skits and additional activities to engage students each time they gather together.

Teacher training and equipping sessions are provided with purchase of JOI Friendzy curriculum.



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How does JOI Friendzy benefit your classroom?

“JOI Friendzy benefits my classroom and school because it helps students be more mindful of their words and actions.  We believe that we are all made in the image and likeness of God, and this program helps us explore and live out that belief each and every moment.” /// Emily | 3rd Grade Teacher


Do public schools need JOI Friendzy?

“Loneliness and internal isolation are an epidemic among young people. Most school curriculum does not address this concern or obsolete material is used. JOI Friendzy not only teaches what healthy friendship relationships look like, but also allows for opportunities for true connection which has a positive impact on mental and physical health. JOI Friendzy creates room for students with diverse backgrounds to connect and move from a place of self-focus to empathy and compassion. JOI Friendzy is needed in public school settings to help create healthy communities.” /// Marcella | Public School Counselor, PhD Psychology


Do you like JOI Friendzy?

“JOI Friendzy was a fun experience to be there and to connect with my classmates. It’s a great program to connect your everyday life to God (and do fun things like slime).” /// Sophia | 7th grade girl


Do you like the JOI Friendzy Student Workbook?

“This workbook is a great activity to help you when you are feeling down. The activities help you to know that you’ll be ok. This book gives you a great way to know how to show others love. It helps to show me how to be a better friend.” /// Hudson | 3rd grade boy