It's all about friendship.

Friendzy is a friendship curriculum designed for schools and churches.

Joy of It Friendzy is a proven solution to tackle the friendship challenges every child faces. Our school-wide curriculum offers engaging instruction for teaching elementary aged students what it means to not only have good friendships, but to be REAL. GOOD. FRIENDS.

JOI Friendzy for Faith, Volume One is published and beginning to roll-out in private Christian and Catholic schools for elementary aged boys and girls! JOI Friendzy for All, a public school version, is being created.

Childhood relationship trauma and bullying have a lasting negative impact, including depression, difficulty with relationships, and an increased likelihood of substance abuse. THE GOAL of the Joy of It Friendzy is to equip and teach kids to be really good friends, creating a lasting impact on the next generation.

Friendzy can be executed as curriculum during class, at lunch breaks or as an after-school program. It is designed to be flexible with a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

Each Friendzy lesson is created to start a memorable conversation that can be teacher or parent led.

Friendzy curriculum offers relevant friendship topics which are rooted in foundational truths. Each lesson is anchored to a key catchphrase focus and includes discussion questions, games, crafts, skits and additional activities to engage students each time they gather together.